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© 2014 SHazan
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Implicancia song by SHazan

Na ponta do de-do eu fiz um trato
Para voce parar com essa implicancia
​Com tudo que digo que fiz e que faco
Parece ate mesmo que voce nao teve Infancia
Que foi que eu te fiz ?

Nao sou quebra galho de coisa nenhuma
Ve se te arruma e me deixa em paz
So quero ver como voce se vira
com uma mao na frente outra mao atras
ai ai ai

Ve se vai e carrega contigo
O peso das malas e guarda lembranca
Que em galho que quebra periquito requebra
Mas macaco nao danca
ai ai ai

No fundo e o medo que se disfarca
Nessa tua farça do comeco ao fim
Implica de noite para dormir de dia
E um diz que diz que fiz que nunca vai ter fim Que foi que eu te fiz ?

My Favorite Castle    song by SHazan

My Favorite Castle
Sky high stronghold
For the two of us
A shy moon shines for us forever
A smiling sun never steps down

My Favorite Castle
A happy stride of games and masked balls
Horns clowns announce my King is coming
I am his QUEEN desired by all

Fireworks, cannons  scratch the sky
Music, dance very live
Countless shots  cheer up
bring us more joy more Jive
Celebrating  a magic life
With dragons, duends, and sprites

Wake up my cell phone so loudly rings
I am so late, cut short my dreams
No troubador, no sword, no King
No fairy tale  the world  just screams
I’ve got to work to buy me things
Later I’ll call you
Love, tonight I’ll be your star
​I'll be your QUEEN

Google Your Feelings ​song by SHazan

 Once upon a time
We were two people
Sharing life as one
But these days are gone
We are both  alone
Something happened
Something changed

Please say the word LOVE
Spell it to me
Google your feelings
Text it plain
Sweet caring  words
No spin no pain

Upload some hope
Romance  good times
Now we are  much Older
Mature as old wine

It is so hard to believe
I’ll never forget
I’ll always forgive

​ I w’ont give up  I w’ont  desist
I’ll strive to regain you
Our relationship

Say the word
Say you LOVE me
We’ll try better
Than letting you go

Dark Shining Eyes song by SHazan

Your dark eyes are shining
Your sealed lips agree
Your sweating says glory
On top of my glee

When we first met last summer
None of us had a  clue
Love would find us in Rio
Thongs, Jobim ,  Ipanema
Excitement in al hues

I’ll stay forever in your arms
Trace all paths on your skin
Hear the race of your heart
Find stars in your gleam
Soul mates seeding new life

A heavens dream

A heavens dream

Most Beautiful Day song by SHazan

​ Beautiful day
Best of all these lonely years
Now in the making by having you near
You made it sunny, so hot, a joy my dear
Warmed  my heart, cooled my wrath
Made me laugh, swept my tears

Come on, tell me you are for real
Let’s go high fly like eagles
and then dive
without fear in a sea of love

​Rising as one
​ waves splashing singing, cheers

Who and Where are You  song by SHazan

​Surrounded by tall trees,    many years ago
We met in a park
We laughed, shared brie, wine, apples
​You like Eve
Glowing eyes dimmed by thunder lights
We laid, soaked without cover
Soon (it) was over we heard so loud and clear

Go !   get out you can’t stay here
This place will flood in no time
So we rushed, fled on such a short notice
Losing sight of each other
Not a name not a clue
Who and where are you

Love at first sight, we could be happy forever
If fate had not split us apart
I’ll look for you even in the gardens of Eden
To give you what is left of my heart

Who and where are you
​Who and where are you