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SHazan is a fresh, natural born musician. Songwriter, producer, and guitar/bass player from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the World.

inspired by Jobim, Bach, Beatles, Sting, and other outstanding composers and performers. SHazan’s swinging guitar sound, lays exquisite cool rhythms,and Brazilian harmonies . SHazan defies labeling, featuring a delicious and diverse mix of jazz, bossa, samba, rock/pop, and even classical colors. SHazan music brings in flavors and worldwide inspiration from Rio to New York through London and Paris.

Rather than clock-work precision or cookie-cutter perfection, SHazan delivers a more inspired, natural, and spontaneous sound, the likes of a jam session.  A journey of beauty and rapture; a soul-lifting experience for the listener !

2013 SHazan, Sergio Hazan began recording the CD FUSION CRUSH in Orlando Fl- US where he lives. Besides playing guitar, he wrote the songs, arranged and produced. The Cd released on 2014 has received exciting reviews and is currently playing on several radio stations around the world.

August 2014 a Video was recorded during a live show of the Cd Fusion Crush at the Timucua White House produced and recorded by Benoit Glazer, maestro of Cirque du Soleil at Disney.

SHazan also founded and played in many Bossa Nova, Rock, Fusion and Jazz bands where to include “Banda BRA”, main attraction on “Brazilian Nights” at Blue Martini, an upscale nightclub in Orlando FL where SHazan was hired as producer.

Before that

SHazan, Sergio Hazan began music practise at age of 4. On the following years studied music, classic Piano, accordion, flute, drums, and bossa nova guitar. SHazan  became a professional musician at the age of 13. He played lead guitar with a few bands on hundreds of concerts, and some TV shows.

At 16 he recorded for the first time at Elenco owned by Aloysio de Oliveira, Carmen Miranda’s husband.  Alberto Dines chief publisher of Jornal do Brasil,  send SHazan’s songs to Roberto Menescal one of the bossa nova founders, then artistic director of Phillips Recording to showcase songs to Ellis Regina Brazil iconic Singer. 

SHazan played shows on a cruise ship to Europe. Once in Paris and later in London Shazan performed at several night clubs with his guitar.

SHazan met Sergio Mendes who urged him to keep composing . Same year Herminio Bello de Mores, Milton Nascimento’s producer, requested one of Shazan’s songs to open a show. 

In 1976 SHazan performed his first show featuring his own compositions and

arrangements at “Opiniao Teather” in Rio de Janeiro. Billy Blanco one of Tom Jobin's coauthors  introduced Sergio to the audience.

SHazan launched GRAVAN a unique music label to sell records (LPs) at newsstands. He released his first production Ceu Azul with Rosa Maria at the Gallery Club and 8 sponsors. Ceu azul same title as the main song, one of his composition, became a hit on TV and several radios in Brazil. He worked together with Maestros and arrangers such as: Chiquinho de Moraes, Eduardo Assad, and Nelson Ayres. Soon after SHazan began the production of a new record with Raul Seixas Brazil’s rock and roll superstar at that time.