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Fusion crush

A mix of jazz, bossa, samba,rock-bolero, pop, classical,  blended with exquisite cool beats and harmonies from Brazil
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Latest Events: October 22-26, 2014
Womex:  World Music Expo, Spain *

Videos: Demo 4min Highlights 12min *Full Concert1 hr 

​Concert Fusion Crush by SHazan 
at the Timucua White House FL
 August 31, 2014
 SHazan Guitar;  Michelle Mailhot Voice

Chris Rottmayer on Piano; Dan Jordan Sax & Flute;
Keith Wilson+++ on Drums ; Jon Warcholak  on Bass; 
Juan Tobon on Synthesizer; Flavio Hazan Percussion; 
Artwork: Soco FreireProduced and Recorded by Benoit Glazer
Full​ House ! Thanks, everyone


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I wrote a large review about the CD Fusion Crush, which I liked very much. “Excellent overall: High quality songs, a shining singer, great musicians”. B&B newspaper May 2014 edition, by Carlos Borges Editor-In-Chief, Producer of Press Award USA, Japan, UK.re.

Fresh,surprising and captivating. Fusion Crush is a gift to music lovers' ears. Worth listening!

Paulo de Souza Editor, Nossa Gente Newspaper issue #83 February 2014 Fl-US 

I loved the CD and aired three instrumental songs on my program. Parisian Nights is my favorite. Ana Lucia Bizinover Producer and hostess of TEMPO DE JAZZ, Radio Roquette-Pinto RJ-Brazil

Fabulous, LOVE it, great CD !
Jeannette Pina – Pineapple Jazz & Art Productions, Publisher of southfloridajazzlist.com

Loved it !!! So beautiful!! Your guitar sound is very beautiful ! 
Beatriz Malnic – Brazilian Voices co-founder FL-USA

Just turned on the radio on 89.9 WUCF jazz radio here in Orlando and what was it playing? Parisian Nights, track number 7 from the CD Fusion Crush from SHazan.
Sarita Schwartzmann  CFCArts Choir FL-USA

From the first song up to the last, let it roll, they are all fantastic. One of them is a masterpiece Dark Shining Eyes. The arrangement is superb ! Extremely beautiful. This Cd is full of surprises like Peaks & Valliums beginning as samba and turning into 6/8 Jazz ! Loved Ones changes my state of mind, reminds Villa Lobos. Awesome band, amazing CD.
Agenor dos Anjos Jazz expert from Bahia Brazil

​​Wow! Great songs, lovely harmony, original...Congratulations! 
Claudia Pi music lover NM-USA


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